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We provide ongoing services and website hosting packages that allow companies to focus on what they do best and let us do what we do best!
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Web Hosting Packages &
Project Management Services

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Ongoing & Project-Based Services

Do you already have a product started or product built? No problem, we also act as an extension of service by offering as much or as little help as desired. All of our services are a la carte, ranging from design, developers, marketing specialists, content creators, project managers, and more. We have no budget minimum requirement, and we will work with you to solve your needs.

Agile Project Management

Systems Integration

Full-Stack Development

Web hosting


Secure Data Management

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Website Hosting Package

Basic Website Hosting 



Cost Per Month
  • Free Migration
  • Free SSL
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Daily Backups
  • Additional Site Monitoring
  • Free Website Updates
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Website Hosting Package

Deluxe Website Hosting


Cost Per Month
  • Everything from the basic tier
  • 2 Hour towards website updates & changes
  • Weekly QA checks
  • Monthly website strategies to help improve your website
  • Monthly analytics report


What is web hosting?

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.

What is Cloud Hosting & How does it work?

What is a cloud server and how does it work? A cloud server is a virtual server (rather than a physical server) running in a cloud computing environment. It is built, hosted and delivered via a cloud computing platform via the internet, and can be accessed remotely. They are also known as virtual servers.

What is the meaning of agile project management?

Agile Project Management (APM) is an iterative approach to planning and guiding project processes. Just as in Agile Software Development, an Agile project is completed in small sections. … Insights gained from the critique of an iteration are used to determine what the next step should be in the project.

What is data security management?

Data security management is the effective oversight and management of an organization’s data to ensure the data is not accessed or corrupted by unauthorized users.